Macrame swing

Ta-da! And now our best seller product comes renewed.  This macramé swing is the supreme swing-chair. It is a comfortable hammock of a smaller size for the exterior and interior space. It has been used by hotels as seats around a dining area but also by decorating yards and pool sides of different housing areas. The newest edition with openings on each side allows your hands to find a space to rest and offers even more rest. It is combined with a pillow which is available in three colors: black, white & brown. The support handles are wooden or metal in a white and black tint. The rope used for the construction of the projects is made of polypropylene, it is waterproof, and UV protected. The colors of the rope and the metal can be adjusted to your needs. Seat: 0.55m Width: 0.50m x Height: 0,40m Suitable for exterior spaces!

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