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The Company

Three generations that came together to make art their life

Hi! We are Vissaris, Vaso and Alexandra a group of people with a passion for creativity. We truly believe in the transformative power of weaving and design and their ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences and inspire people everywhere.

Our story begins in November 2010 when we discovered the art of Macramé through social media. It was an amazing new world for us, that combined traditional patterns with the colors and trends of today. Recently we have also become involved in some clay art projects by creating various flowing formations. After 8 years of designing for friends and good causes we are taking things to the next level. We have decided to open up to the world and make our products available to everyone. 

Meet The Team


Alexandra is the production manager of our workshop . She has devoted her life to handicraft, therefore she brings a unique vintage style to our products. She accepts every challenge and works non-stop to perfect our pieces of art.
Part time grandmother, part time artist, part time Airbnb host. In her 70’s she is a real woman role model.


Vaso is the founder of V&Vart. Her passion and creativity drives the entire operation. She is the heart of our company, the chain that connects production with sales.
You could describe Vaso as an independent, workaholic woman, caring mother, nature enthusiast and above all an artistic soul.


Vissaris is the youngest member of our company. He is in charge of endorsement and sales and also organizes macramé lessons for our local community. Calm and kind always there to help you figure out what is best for you.
You could describe Vissaris as an enthusiastic traveler,   tennis lover, keen learner and a worshipper of art and crafts.